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Low Culture Boil

Jul 26, 2023

Rax and Amber sort of can't believe they've never talked about Goop before, so here it is! Tune in to learn about some of Goop's most insane recommendations, among other things.

Jul 20, 2023

In this ep Amber and Rax talk about the video rental store that killed all other video rental stores, Blockbuster. We look back now with nostalgia at the time when we went to a physical Blockbuster before it was ruined by Netflix, but we forget that they were once the bad guy taking out independent video rental stores....

Jul 4, 2023

We're baaaaaack! Amber and Rax catch up after a much needed break and chat about the most American foods they can think of. First they chat about the food of the gods, ambrosia salad, you might know it as green stuff or even watergate salad. How did we start mixing cool whip with fruit and coconut and why is it...