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Low Culture Boil

Feb 25, 2021

In Part 2 of our Ghostbusters deep dive, Matt and Danny dive more into their seminal article "Slimer on Coke, Muncher on Zoloft" and Courtney delights all with a profound connection between Ghostbusters and Alien beyond the mere presence of the inimitable Signourney Weaver.

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Feb 23, 2021

Matt Christman and Daniel Bessner take the LCB crew into the world of the original Ghostbusters and speculate on its upcoming reboot. What do the films say about Reaganism? Hedonism? Mass consumption of corn and hot dogs?

Check out their article (penned with Amber A'Lee Frost) in Jacobin, "Slimer on Coke, Muncher on...

Feb 18, 2021

Piggybacking off our pro wrestling episode with Street Fight Radio, Courtney takes the LCB crew into a the strange connections between pro fighting and QAnon as presented in Oliver Lee Bateman's article for Mel Magazine.

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Feb 16, 2021

Ashley Ray-Harris, the shaman of reality TV, joins Rax and Courtney to give LCB a primer on the vast universe of "90 Day Fiancé", including a rundown of its dizzying number of spinoffs, standout couples, and how it's reflected our culture pre- and post-Trump.

Check out Ashley's semi-official guide to all things "90...

Feb 11, 2021

Street Fight Radio joins the LCB gals to reminisce on the guts, glory, and gore of WWE's Attitude Era. Drawing from documentary "Beyond the Mat", Rax, Courtney, and the boys explore the finer points of Mick Foley, the Rock, and the labor practices behind all of pro wrestling. Someone taking multiple chair shots needs a...