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Low Culture Boil

Oct 25, 2022

Rax and Amber are joined by British Trash Correspondent Phoebe Roy (of 10,000 Posts Pod and Masters of Our Domain) to talk about THEE British action hero, Jason Statham, from his diving career to Phoebe's theory that he's secretly Jewish. 

Oct 18, 2022

Amber and Rax dive into the world of alternative, substitute, clone, plant based and nut milks. Mmmmm nut milk. Despite what you may think these milks have been around for centuries. But there are definitely milk trends, listen to hear us get into it, and also Panera for some reason!

Oct 5, 2022

Obviously, Rax and Amber both love Vin Diesel, but did you know he's more than just the bald noggin behind all of cinema history's most deep-voiced line reads? From his first acting job at age 7 to the struggles of being known for an action hero's physique, we dive into all things Vin, including where the name comes from.